• Plastic Pollution’s Silo Solution

    As part of initiatives to reduce plastic loss to the environment, Barton Fabrications
    has seen unprecedented demand for its aluminium silos for storage of plastic raw material.
  • Barton's Hygienic Seal Benefits Bakery Installation

    Aptech (Powder Systems) Ltd, innovators in and integrators of bulk material handling processes,
    has just installed a 40 tonne Barton Fabrications silo for flour storage at a UK bakery.
  • Silo Stock Measurement Made Simple

    State of the art silo stock measurement systems can be used to provide accurate ‘real time’ monitoring
    of storage vessel contents and detect potential system faults or raw material clumping problems.
  • Barton Completes Multi-silo Installation

    Barton Fabrications’ latest installation is for six aluminium storage silos.
    The vessels, which support the plastic moulding industry, are nine metres high
    with a diameter of 3.5 metres and 40 ton capacity used for storing plastic granules.
  • Barton's Silo Saves Sack Slitting

    Barton Fabrications has installed a new silo at Bevex manufacturing plant in Coalville, Leicestershire.
  • Barton Fabrications Confirms Buoyant Silo Sales

    The demand for storage silos supplied to the plastics industry has never been higher in the
    36 year history of Barton Fabrications, the UK’s largest manufacturer of aluminium storage silos.
  • Barton Celebrates 35 Years

    Barton Fabrications, the UK’s largest manufacturer of aluminium silos, has celebrated
    35 years of manufacturing, installing and refurbishing silos for the food and plastics industries.
  • From Sack to Silo: Storage Solutions

    Installing a storage silo represents a significant capital investment,
    so what are the key benefits and when should a company consider moving from sack to silo storage to meet its raw material logistic needs?
  • Barton Day Bins Installed

    Barton Fabrications, the UK’s largest manufacturer of aluminium silos,
    has installed three new 50 tonne silos and three 3 tonne
    day bins at Twinplast’s new Dunstable manufacturing site.
  • New Silo Supports European Expansion

    Barton Fabrications has installed a seventh silo
    to store PVC powder at IKO Polymeric’s single ply roofing
    membrane production facility in Chesterfield.
  • Second Silo Supports Albis Expansion

    Barton Fabrications has supplied a second 60 ton plastic granule storage silo
    to global distributor and compounder of technical thermoplastics, Albis UK Ltd.
  • Boxing Clever at Barton Fabrications

    Two 100 ton Barton Fabrications silos have been installed
    at the Really Useful Products Ltd’s new production facility in Castleford.
  • Barton silo supports SCHÜTZ supply chain

    SCHÜTZ Ireland Ltd., global manufacturer of IBCs and Drums, has protected
    its supply chain by installing an additional Barton Fabrications raw material silo.
  • Barton's Hat Trick Silo Success at Sanko Gosei

    Two Barton Fabrications silos installed at Sanko Gosei Automotive Systems
    earlier in 2016 have delivered significant space savings, reduced raw
    material handling costs and enhanced safety.

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